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valgusPCsupport offers solutions for all your MultiMedia needs! John M. Valgus d/b/a valgusPCsupport a.k.a. JohnnyWEB!valgusPCsupport is located in Fleetwood, PA


Welcome to JohnnyWEB™, the NEW look for valgusPCsupport.com.  You'll see some of the same features, along with alot of new ones.  I kept the Movies' section to feature movies coming soon to theaters with short reviews and trailers, and I will be adding movies now available on DVD or Blue-Ray soon.  I've also added my Marketing skills from selling advertising over the past couple of years, and my talents using my voice.  Some of the graphics and web site samples are older, but still have features worth showcasing (if your business is featured here, please read the disclaimer)

My goal is to help entrepreneurs and business owners that neither have the time, nor the expertise to create and/or maintain their image online.  Continue here for more on my background...to learn more about my services, just click on the links above to get started...